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Rescued Rex

Team OWC Company Mascot

Rex is on a mission to spread the word of his incredible life as a Rescue Dog 

He has so many friends still waiting for

a loving home like yours

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Pet Nanny Wants to work with your family's needs*
We bring towels, your dogs bedding, a blanky, water, treats, a seat belt and leash
Doggy Day-Cation Package
Vaccinations/ Veterinarian Appointments
Grooming Appointments
Vaccinations/Vet appointments
Personal Pet Shopper
Surgery Appointments/ After Care/ Follow up Surgery Needs
(ie: Spay or Neuter, teeth surgery, etc.)
Travel with your family as Pet Companion/Pet Care Provider
(ie: vacation, weekend trip, social events)
Don't see the service you had in mind-?​
Just call us, we will accommodate your family's needs
 714.584.PAWS (7297)

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Pet Nanny

Often time our lives become swamped with responsibilities, or perhaps you've double booked yourself to be in two places at once. During the seasons people become ill or just need an extra hand to take care of their pet. Sometimes the hours of operations at groomers and the vet conflict with your schedule. Pet Nanny to your rescue! We are insured to transport your pet/s to their necessary appointments and we come equipped with a seat belt to secure your pet/s while we drive. We are patient and tender when coming home from veterinarian appointments. We are available to take your loved one to the groomer or any necessary "place". 

  Starting $35 hourly 

**each additional pet $10