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Rescued Rex

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Rex is on a mission to spread the word of his incredible life as a Rescue Dog 

He has so many friends still waiting for

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​​​​One With Care

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Our service and care is certified, licensed and insured.

​We are serious Pet Care Technicians looking out for the health, happiness & safety of your pets. We are honored to serve your families needs!
714.584.PAWS (7297)

 When you first contact us for pet care, we will schedule your desired time for a free initial consultation

"Meet & Greet" at your home.

We require the Meet & Greet prior to booking appointments so you can get to know us, our wonderful services and we will meet you, your family and beloved pets.

We will send you a Welcome Email that allows you to have an opportunity to review the service agreement and all the necessary documentation we require for Insured Pet Care Service. (also see link below)

At the Meet and Greet we are going to go over what type of service your looking for and what to expect with service; additionally we will be able to create your schedule for pet care dates and times.

All Pet Care Service Plans require Signed:

Service Agreement

Veterinarian Release

Permission to Enter

Key Retrieval

We will sign service agreement and review key information such as emergency contacts, veterinarian info, and your specific directive for how you want things handled in your absence.

Make Sure to have a set of keys made before we "Meet & Greet."  
If your home has key fob or remote access, we will instruct you on our easy process for entrance!

We keep it simple when we quickly review this in person, but some questions require extra data you might need to gather ahead of time, so please be prepared for our arrival.

One With Care's Pet Care Technician will have all documents and order forms ready for you to officially sign up
for Licensed Pet Care Service at the Meet & Greet including a folder to keep you organized!

Our Pet Care Technician will also have a credit card terminal on hand for you to conveniently pay for Professional Pet Care Service.  Receipt is emailed to you real time during Meet & Greet.  After that you have officially signed up for on-call pet care! 

How to get started!