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Cardio Workout During the Walk
Potty Break and Waste Clean up
Reinforcement of Basic Commands and Training
Improved Leash Behavior
Protected in Reflective High Visibility Walking Gear, we spare no expense to ensure the safety of your pet/s 
Constant Affection, Attention and Love for your Pet(s)
(we even sing to them)
Dog's are automatically given Fresh water
Pets Are Fed and Faces wiped clean if requested
(owner provides food & treats)
Email or Text Picture of Pet activity sent to Pet Owner

 **Please note that time begins when the Personal Pet Care Provider enters home, time ends when they lock up and leave the home.
Gps navigation and route emailed real time


Have Constant Piece of Mind as we use GPS dog walking tracker through iphone and facebook applications
Walking your pet throughout the day keeps them physically fit and socialized when out being walked by One With Care.  Regular exercise reduces behavior problems such as barking, chewing, separation anxiety and hyper-activity.  Along with feeling loved and cared for, they are simultaneously being reared to have improved leash behavior with consistent basic training from our Pet Care Walkers

30-35 minute walks: $22-$32 
(additional time pro-rated)

**each additional dog  $7

Dog W​alking 

Rescued Rex

Team OWC Company Mascot

Rex is on a mission to spread the word of his incredible life as a Rescue Dog 

He has so many friends still waiting for

a loving home like yours

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